Hitlers UFO, a novel by Barry Minot 

The Year, 1936
On a dark and stormy night an alien spacecraft enters the Earth’s atmosphere summoned by the mysterious Vril Society. Whilst passing over Germany’s Black Forrest the machine is struck by lightning as it performs a manoeuvre to change direction. The spacecraft crashes into the Black Forest.
A small squad of Himmler’s SS are soon on the scene and the alien disc and the crew are spirited away. Germany is now in possession of technology far in advance of anything on Planet Earth. Do you think you know where it will all lead too? What could have happened will amaze you.
The story plays out against the exciting backdrop of World War Two and the expected invasion of Great Briton by the Nazis.
The story is told in two volumes, the first one you can download completely free of charge. There is a modest charge of £3.75 for the second book.

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The Story Begins....
Hitler visits Rechlin-Larz Airfield and watches a revolutionary new fighter plane put through its paces.
In occupied France a beautiful British SOE Agent with members of her cell destroyed a train. They are mystified by the train's strange cargo.
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The Story Continues....
Russian planes on patrol are brought down by strange spheres of bright light that will become known as Foo fighters.
The Japanese attack the Russian Port of Vladivostok with a fleet of gigantic submarines, the largest ever built. Each sub carries three Aichi M61A Seiran dive bombers.
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Hitlers UFO About Barry Minot
About The Author
Barry Minot was born in the tiny village of White Ladies Aston at the end of WWII and was raised and educated in and around London.
After completing his education he joined the family business. He later established a company of his own producing highly detailed model soldiers for collectors and fantasy figures for role-play gamers.
A studio and workshop were set up in the old EMI Film Studios. It wasn’t long before film companies were commissioning specialist pieces for their movies created in fine English pewter.
Metropolis police badges for the Superman Movies, Cutlery for monsters in The Dark Crystal. A piece known as the Star of Ra for The Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Other commissions included props for three James Bond films, props for Ridley Scott’s film Legend, Disney’s Return to Oz, Greystoke the legend of Tarzan.
An unusual job was creating a gadget to help Julie Andrews keep her violin bow in the right position on the violins strings for the film Duet for One.
Medals and orders were created for Peter Sellers to wear in the movie The Prisoner of Zenda. Several space vehicles were equipped with instruments made by Barry for the film Life-force.
Need to know what a Stug looks like? Or a Flying Carrot, even what a gigantic Japanese I400 Submarine looks like, The largest Submarine built during WWII that was a stealth aircraft carrier. Click on thumbnails below for an expanded view!

UFO Legs Down with German Soldier Wellingtons and Foo Fighters Ark Leaving Mars
Stug Tank Sketch Dymchurch Defences Galland Hornet Lysander  - Flying Carrot
Horten Flying Wings Fliesler Storch Preparing to Land Junkers Collide Hitler's Nightmare
Serian Sunset Heinkel over London

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